Sunday, January 29, 2006

a richter painting and a ryan poem

This is one of my favourite paintings by Gerhard Richter. It is called Meadowland (Wiesental). 1985. Oil on canvas, 35 5/8" x 37 1/2" (90.5 x 94.9 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York.Meadows. You can see more paintings here.

This is a poem by Kay Ryan. I think it is perfect.

Green Hills

Their green flanks
and swells are not
flesh in any sense
matching ours,
we tell ourselves.
Nor their green
breast nor their
green shoulder nor
the langour of their
rolling over.

Kay Ryan.

This is about Kay Ryan:

I compare Kay Ryan's poems to Faberge eggs -- tiny, ingenious devices that inevitably conceal some hidden wonder -- don't think they're merely decorative. With aplomb and wit, Ryan sallies forth against quandaries as immense as the nature of nothingness and as petite as the mechanics of dewdrops rolling off a leaf.

You can read more of the review at Salon.

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