Friday, January 13, 2006

Dogs Dressed Up!

Okay I know there's something silly about this but I like dogs dressed up. I am not afraid to admit it. Some are. Costumes, reindeer antlers, bunny ears... santa pride outfits at the parade... it's all just fine by me. Pugs seem to make good fashion plates. The other day, I saw a man walking a baby pug and I nearly puked with envy. What a cute fucker that little pug was!

Dogs in shirts, however, is pushing it. I mean it's not an official "outfit" and they don't need the shirt for anything, so what is this about exactly? Maybe making the dogs look more like the owners? This is a phenomenon often observed at beaches. Dog's day at the beach??! Shirt and all. I also do not approve of the ol' "dude, I'm putting a bandana around my dog's neck." That is not right. And it's tacky - so stop. Pink Tutu - yes, hick-like bandana - no.

I also appreciate the look of consternation many dogs exhibit when they are forced to wear outfits. It depresses them, clearly. But they have no choice. Sad but true. You can see the worry in their eyes.

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