Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Marty!

Today is My brother-in-law, Marty Iskander's birthday! Yeah! Happy Birthday Marty! He is 40! And It is Friday the 13th! Oh boy, be careful Marty. Unlucky day for everyone. Hopefully it's lucky for Marty, cause he is SUPER Great guy! As is his wife, Stefany, she is wonderful. Thank you both for being so sweet to me all the time. I feel so fortunate to have you both in my life.


Go to see his amazing beautiful website, why don't you? It is rigel5. Go now! It exhibits his awesome illustrations and film and video directorial work. He is a very talented artist. And he drives us long distances to see family without complaining one bit. 6 hour drive? Marty can take it. He always has a smile and something funny to say. Such are the best kind of people.

Yeah for Marty!

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