Saturday, January 21, 2006

Richard Tuttle's "Monkey's Recovery for a Darkened Room 6"

So, I think this piece is absolutely beautiful and it's as close to what I try to do with my shadow boxes and sculptures as I've ever found... and it's great to see someone else reveling in the same inspiration... but doing it better. It's not disheartening, it's inspiring. Really.

It's the vulnerability that gets me, mixed with the ordinariness. Pieces, things, strung together kindly. Made to go together... and it works. I like how he altered some of the pieces too. Painted the twigs. It's that hand, not over used, but the artist's presence asserted just enough.

"That some of these works barely held together was the point - they were about connecting
the disparate and discombobulated, cobbling together a coherent visual language out of the
odds and ends of life. The work exuded a kind of jittery charm and was becoming humorous,
in a low-keyed way."

About the work of Richard Tuttle in the 1980's, by Richard Kalina, Art in America.

Thank you to culture vulture for the picture.

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