Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ron Sexsmith... library-going Rock star

A rock star just came in the library! This happens very VERY rarely. It was Ron Sexsmith. He's cool. I like his music a great deal. He writes beautifully and sings in that soft voice. Women really like sensitive emo boy singers. Actually he's friends with one my brother's friends (one of the rheostatics) and i heard a funny story through the drummer. They were playing some big charity event in Las Vegas and they were hanging out in the green room before going on ... it was Sting and Ron Sexsmith and his drummer and then James Brown came in... it was all quiet... and awkward... and no one was talking so James Browns said (in his way) "What do you folks think of Science????"... apparently there was silence, no one talked to the man about science. Ofcourse Sting would have no part of it.

Silly Sting.

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