Monday, November 28, 2005

End of the night party tables continued...

Party number 2
Party number 1

I enjoy taking pictures of tables at people's houses at the end of the night, after the parties are winding down. This was a great weekend for parties. One on Friday and two on Saturday. These are the two saturday night parties. I am so lucky to have nice places to go - see party number 1 and different underground nice places, see party number 2, -- (cavernous warehouse), but both were very cool and fun... at party number 2 the booze all ran out and people dispersed around 4-5am. At party number 1 I don't think the booze was all drunk up. They might still have some for a Sunday hair of the dog. Happy Birthday Tashy! and Farewell to the fabulous line of fashions "Damzels in This Dress".

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