Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Giant Marionettes!

Thank you Paris.

Residents of Nantes, France woke to a space capsule crashed into a smoking pile of rubble in the central square of the city. Later that day, a giant animatronic elephant and entourage of the Sultan paraded into town to visit the mayor.Then, on saturday, the capsule opened to reveal a giant animatronic girl who walked through the streets, mischievously sewed a row of parked cars to the street with a shipping Hauser rope, rode a scooter, and even asked that the crowd give her some privacy while she used the toilet.This play went on all day -- the Giant and elephant slept curled together in a park -- for an entire weekend. People were completely involved in this fantasy, and you can only imagine the effect it has on the imaginations and passions of children.

Here's the link to more info.marionettes

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