Tuesday, November 08, 2005


glug, glug, glug.

closet drinkers everywhere.
the lady in front of me in the bank line-up
stinks of booze and gum,
she turns to talk to me
doing drunky whispery voice
..."the service here stinks..."
i turn to avoid the smell.
do they think no one notices?
no one smells it?

...at the library drunks come in all the time. 9 a.m. wasted, slurring words, insulting us... raging and ranting. "Hello???? You're drunk ! I'm not. I'm at work".

... the other day one ol' Irish red-faced Large drunky-stumbly man went on a tirade about a "n-gger" who wouldn't move his legs to let ol' whitey pass and he raged on yelling and spitting and coughing. as he left one of the staff said something like...: "it'd be better if you came to us first before starting these altercations", and i said "and better if he just wasn't drunk". they all looked at me surprised. how dare i say that about a "customer". how dare i speak the truth. the truth is we shouldn't have to be talked to like shit by folks who can't hold a job because they can't Not drink.

drunks at the canadian tire buying hammers, drunks at the macdonalds buying big Macs. Did you know they are everywhere?

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  1. It'd be cool if the mackenzie brothers came in. They are at least nice, funny drunks.