Friday, September 08, 2006

cat power

Cat Power live was excellent. she surely has all the talent you'd expect from her recordings and more. Her voice was even more interesting live and the fact that it was just her on stage was very brave.

i was a bit surprised it was hard to find some pals to go with me ... but luckily Andrea and Sean pulled through. They like depressing music too. And it was fun to see my old friend Moris there. Yeah for moris.

Much drama as someone broke into her room backstage while she was preforming and she had to call security. That took too long and then the idiot started to ruff up her friend. awkward.

Drama continued when, an hour or so later, a woman fainted. Chan herself, went down into the crowd to help out the woman and there was about a 20 minute delay.

she's so caring.

She made mention of her new clean and sober ways as she drank Earl Grey tea. As she sang "Lived in Bars" she managed to wag her finger at the audience - as if scolding us. And she changed the lyrics in one song - where she used to sing "I hate myself and I want to die" she now sings "I don't hate myself and I don't want to die." Go positivity!

She refused adamantly to play "Werewolf" which people kept asking for. She said it had to be a song she likes.


  1. Glad you witnessed a good Cat Power show. I have seen her twice and both times were a bust for me. After the last time I swore her off, even to the extent of ignoring her last album "The Greatest". One hell of a talent, but I feel she owes us more at a live show, at least give the money back if she is in one of her funks. Good to know she is cleaning up her ways. Not many do. I don't go much for any "tortured artist" anyway.

  2. yes she's definitely "cleaned up".

    thanks for reading mr. sarki.

    sometimes i think there's no one out there.