Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dangers of listening to podcasts while walking

so catching up on my ricky gervais podcasts has been dangerous lately. one should be cautious listening to these while walking. may result in laughing loudly in the street - after which, people think you are crazy.

...also has resulted in me trying to get a photo of a chinese homeless person - only to be yelled at. they claim there are none, i know several. in fact there are several that come to the library everyday. there are two we call santa 1 and santa 2 because they both carry bright red sacks slung over their shoulder like santa. they do not know eachother, nor are they friends. and there's one with a giant head who whispers in another one's ear all day. all day, even when i see them outside one is attached to the other's ear chattering away like a little devil. i often wonder what he's saying but then, i have a feeling it's not very nice.

no more podcasts though. the show is over. too sad.

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