Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blue Moon Issue Cont'd

I was happy to see these two letters below in NOW in response to sheila gostick's pathetic lamenting of the closing of the Blue Moon. I know from working at Parkdale Library, and living in Parkdale, what a great City Councillor Sylvia Watson is, and she wouldn't be against the place if it weren't for good reason.

Bark at the Moon

sheila gostick's recent article on the revocation of the Blue Moon Restaurant's liquor licence (NOW, May 11-17) has done a great disservice to the people of Parkdale. To characterize public harassment, crime and extreme public drunkenness as "indigenous street and social life in Parkdale" is an insult to the residents who know how to have a good time without resorting to disorderly, offensive and illegal conduct.

My office received constant complaints about the Blue Moon. These came from local business owners and residents forced to pass by it as they travelled to and from the Parkdale Public Library or the Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre. Public urination, vomiting, fighting and abuse were commonplace.

The Blue Moon had the opportunity to join the many other Parkdale businesses who are making a positive contribution to the neighbourhood. Instead, the proprietors chose to flaunt liquor laws. The Blue Moon is not a loss for the poor, but a victory for all Parkdale.

Councillor Sylvia Watson

Moon's lunatic fringe did everyone at now smoke crack ?

Just read the extremely touching article about the shutting down of the Blue Moon and am wondering how anyone in love with that shithole could actually be published in your magazine. I've been living two doors down from the Blue Moon for a year and a half, and the scene outside my window was the same every night (and day sometimes) – very drunk people fighting over absolutely nothing, screaming, breaking glasses and rendering the whole strip of the sidewalk utterly disgusting. My friends stopped visiting for fear of getting harassed.

Toronto is changing.

So stop your propaganda against the natural development of the metropolis and keep writing about movies and music. You're good at that.

Fabrizio Divari

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