Wednesday, April 19, 2006

parkdale's own pimp wizard

here's some pictures of clarke for mayor. one of our neighbourhood loonballs.

he stands on this hydrant sometimes and preaches. he can stand there for a long time.

this lady, his friend, came by and he stopped his bellowing and said "give me a smoke." just like the good old trailer park boys he's got suppliers.

on this beautiful sunny spring day he yelled a lot about being a drug addict, being the mayor, being santa claus (he brought a little xmas tree, you can see it on the ground) and he said his "allah, allah, allah..." which he throws in for effect.

the lady friend seemed to like him a lot and they chatted quietly for awhile. i thought about how it must be nice for ne'er do wells to make friends.

stay tuned for a short film i made, featuring.... clarke for mayor.

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