Saturday, April 22, 2006

getting dressed up...

once again we have reached a season of too many parties.

problems arise. what to wear? oh, i am a lover of clothes.

each birthday. older. hopefully wiser.

another year.

trying to decide if i should go to a highschool reunion. am i really that old? yes.

at work, the other day, a librarian friend and i (who coincidentally, went to the same highschool) were trying to decide if we should go or not... we talked about the people we knew once who might be there... if the bands that came out of that school come, E.S.A, then Metric, The Broken Social Scene and The Stars will be there. Good stuff. we had a little moment of silence for talent unspent, lives in which we once forsaw art florishing, now spent in the din and mediocrity of library work. and... sigh.


  1. Marshall5:10 PM

    whaddayawant for your b-day?

  2. something from prada marfa - you're close to there.

  3. Marshall12:35 AM's TO today...and LA next week.