Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jelly Fun!

Yippeeee! Our trip is all booked and soon we'll be playing with little pink buddies like these in the turquoise sea. Much more fun than the piss-soaked rummies I hang with at work. shout out to y'all. bathe more. please.

I have a mighty tall pile of books that are most pressing to read and I can't wait to just lie in the sun and read read read. Mixed with intermittent bouts of snorkeling, ofcourse.

The book I'm reading now is called Paradise by A.L. Kennedy. It is excellent. (Sarah get it , you'll love it) . Here's some from a review below. All I do at work is read reviews... which leads to really good books piling up on my desk. Finally some time to read them.

Scotland on Sunday says, "In many ways this is a heartbreaking book, but if the end is not as happy as some readers might wish, there is nevertheless a redemptive quality throughout the novel, in its unflagging humour, and in the sympathy it arouses for its heroine, who is depicted honestly and touchingly with all her flaws and contradictions. Kennedy has long been acknowledged as a leading voice in British fiction, but Paradise takes her on to a new level of achievement. It is simply brilliant."

Here's the glass art site where
jelly fish are from.

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM are aware that touching a jellyfish could result in your death? You may not want to play with your little pink friends. Poisonous.