Monday, March 20, 2006

a.m. radio waves

a.m. radio

she liked best
the radio show
about what people saw

every night they'd call in
telling their stories
of what they'd seen...
the hairy man 9 feet tall

the men with dog's heads
smoking cigarettes,
the little boy on a red tricycle
riding alongside the highway,
with no home in sight.

the shadow people and the mutant animals,
the grey aliens and the knights of the templar
performing gruesome sacrifices on an altar,

best though were the ordinary things...

a red ball appeared, rolled by and then disappeared,
a hand scratches your back when no one is there...
breath in the car window, a voice chatters in your ear,
a beacon car that warns of an impending crash ahead...

ghosts and flashes,
explained, sometimes
as cross overs in dimensions,

all night long
these denizens of the night
with their active imaginations

talking to one another
in code,
while the rest of the hemisphere sleeps.

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