Thursday, February 23, 2006

Big things are nice too

This is a giant chest of drawers complete with socks hanging out of one drawer. It is in High Point North Carolina.

Yeah for big things sometimes too! And it's not a sad landmark like the big apple on highway 401 east of Toronto. As seen above - in it's better days. We always get sad when see that apple because it's too close to toronto to be a sign of having gotten anywhere - and on the way home it's too far from toronto to mean we are almost home. It's just sad... no matter how you stack it's sad, it also looks all welfare. why doesn't someone slap a coat of paint on that thing?

poor apple. does anyone ever stop there?


  1. a guy i knew once stopped there -- he said they had an apiary inside the apple. Yeay! Bees!
    also they are rumoured to have pies for sale... but all i can think is at least 2 more hours in the car.