Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I had my first real winter fall today. Rushing to work... wearing Japanese, imported running shoes... very cool ... very pastel... very stupid for winter...

I was roaring round a corner when both feet were suddenly up in the air and the ground was speeding towards my face, fast. I put out my wrists (as one tends to do with falls) and they both smashed badly onto the concrete and ice, (but did protect my face). I let out a mighty "AWWHHH FUCK" as I hit, and then mumbled sadly, pitiful little whimpers to myself, all as I tried to quickly recollect myself. Isn't it funny how once you're down there the most pressing issue becomes to get back up right away? I mean you should really assess the damage somewhat while you're down there, but No have to get busy to get right back up on those Two Feet. We are Bi-peds, god damnit, and so we must instantly return to our bi-ped state of uprightness. Really, I did need some time down there because I was hurting and I smashed my iPod and my wrists were barely able to do the job of getting me back up and I was sad. Okay, I can admit I am "smashy". I have had the nicname "Catacyclsym" before, oh and cat-alanche and... oh forget that... I mean I fall, but that's not so bad...

Really, what's most important about this, the first fall of the winter is that 1. it teaches you that you are a stupid hipster for not wearing real winter boots, 2. winter hurts in many different ways, 3. you are too old to be falling, 4. the route of the backstreets is best because not many people witnessed my fall, 5. I could leave 5 -10 minutes earlier for work so I'm not rushing all the time, 6. We need gravity to teach us to not be so damn sure of ourselves all the time.

Be safe.

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  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    yeah, you gotta watch those little japanese sneakers in the winter time. I mean it's great they have microchips in them and that they transform into crime-fighting robots, but they don't get much snow in Japan.