Monday, September 12, 2005

Beautiful Northcote Backyard

These are my good friends N and L in their backyard. I used to live with them in a shared house and, Boy! Do I miss having a backyard. In the summer, the trees grow huge, and green and fall generously over the table. When you're sitting out there it feels like a safe, warm cocoon. The Japanese maple sits in the shade, radiant and auburn, the ferns stretch out their leaves, as if waiting for a touch. Snails slowly slide from one green thing to the next. It seems, people can sit in that yard and talk forever. Time waits for us. I miss them... even though I still see them. It seems any time you make a change, living arrangements, relationships... etc., there's often some pang of regret. They are such good good people and every time I see them I feel thankful for having somewhat haphazardly, fallen into their lives. Thank God they were gracious and loving and kind, and let me live there while I completely unravelled and then, somehow, came back together and took off again in another direction. They are smart as fuck and as funny and caring as the best people you'll ever know. Sometimes you can keep friends, even after they really know you.


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